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POLL(ClearPoll Token)

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  • 发行时间: 2017.10.26
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  • 流通数量: 700.00万
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Robert is an experienced industrial designer and a very successful mobile app developer, being the other half of the indie mobile app development team with Daniel. Robert’s expertise has been highly sought after in his field, and he has worked alongside some of the most exciting new tech startups as a designer and developer. Robert has an “anything is possible” attitude which is necessary for a project such as ClearPoll.

Daniel has operated his own successful design business for the past 13 years. He is also one half of a very successful indie mobile app development team, with over 10 million installs across their titles. Daniel is the lead designer at ClearPoll and with vast experience working in highly productive environments, he has a great understanding of how to bring a concept to reality.

With over 10 years experience in the web development industry He able to tackle most projects and love the challenge that comes with them. Specialties: - Wordpress, Magento, Shopify and custom PHP/MySQL modifications, fixes and support. - PHP/MySQL solutions using frameworks such as Kohana and Laravel. API programming and system integrations. - Responsive design using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS and jQuery. PSD Designs to Wordpress theme, Magento theme or HTML.

He provide quality custom web development. He have worked with small businesses to large corporations to deliver solutions for both common and abstract needs - from responsive websites to dynamic member based product portals.

His experience is in Networking, this includes everything from operational tasks to complete infrastructure engineering and architecture. He've worked in operational networking for a large ISP, and am currently providing businesses in Perth with a secure,stable and operational network through Logic Networks. He has passion is in network engineering particularly in service provider networks. Specialties: - Juniper MX/SRX/EX configuration and deployment - Subscriber networking - MPLS deployment - FTTx Networking - IP Routing (BGP/OSPF/ISIS) - NBN and DSL Subscriber termination (BNG/LNS)

"David has a long history of operating and managing businesses across several industries. With a natural ability to create great relationships with clients, his talents are an integral part of our team. David will be focusing on building our network of corporate clients, as well as helping to grow the ClearPoll brand through marketing and advertising."


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