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  • 市值 NO.55

    ZIL 11.23亿

    全球 2.21万亿

    占总市值 0.05%

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    流通量 86.87亿

    总量 86.87亿

    流通率 100.00%

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    量(24H) 26.34亿

    额(24H) 3.22亿

    换手率 30.31%


  • 中文名:
  • 英文名: ZIL
  • 总市值: 11.23亿
  • 最大供给量: 210.00亿
  • 概念: 公链,国产公链
  • 发行时间: 2018.01.25
  • 共识机制: POW/PBFT
  • 加密算法: ETHash
  • 流通数量: 86.87亿
  • 流通市值: 11.23亿

Zilliqa是世界上首个高吞吐量的公共区块链平台 - 为了将区块扩展到每秒完成上千次交易而设计。 Zilliqa引入了分区理论来实践它的新协议,使得增加的交易比例和它的网络扩张速度保持一致。这个平台为了确保安全的数据驱动的去中心化应用而定制,设计的目的是迎合机器学习和金融算法的扩展需求。 Zilliqa已经经历了两年的研究与开发,并且完成了一些开创性的商业部署。


En Hui heads up business development at Zilliqa. She has extensive sales and distribution experience in financial services. Her prior roles include sales and distribution of ETFs and investment funds at BlackRock where she worked with asset managers and banks in the Southeast Asian market, and subsequently at JPMorgan Asset Management working with pension funds, insurance companies and banks in the region. En Hui speaks fluent Chinese and Japanese.

Edison is a software engineer with specialization in blockchain application development, web development and cyber-forensics. Before joining Zilliqa, he wrote his graduate thesis paper titled "Security Analysis of Permissioned Blockchain Systems". Edison is also trained in cyber-forensics and incident response by US-CERT while he was pursuing his graduate studies in the US. He is a recipient of the National Infocomm Scholarship from Singapore.

Ian is a full stack engineer with a keen interest in developer tooling and smart contracts. With a background in law, he is particularly fascinated by the immense potential of smart contracts and blockchain technology in the realms of trade finance and international commerce.

Vaivaswatha is a compiler developer with experience working on multiple production compilers, with the latest being LLVM. His focus is on data flow analysis and machine independent optimizations, with a special interest in optimizing loop nests. His interests, outside of technology include Indian classical music and trekking the Himalayas.

Clark has over 10 years of experience in software development, with a focus on cryptographic engineering and multi-threaded embedded systems. During his former role at MediaTek (a semiconductor company), he has built solutions for large-scale commercial software in cooperation with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Clark also has experience in Digital Rights Management (DRM) development on Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), with focus on ARMv7/ARMv8 OP-TEE platforms.

Sheng Guang has over 9 years of experience in software development, with a focus on language parser, signal processing, image processing and multi-threaded software systems. During his former role at Keysight technologies, he developed language parsers for ICL and PDL and also developed automatic test generator for IEEE 1687 standard.

Jun Hao is a practitioner in various areas in the Computer Science domain including blockchain, web security, trusted computing and program analysis. He was also awarded the National Infocomm Scholarship and graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a bachelor degree in computing science with specialisation in information security. At NUS, he co-founded NUS Greyhats, a cybersecurity interest group, which has won numerous cybersecurity events.

Kaustubh is a software developer working in area of computational intelligence and network security. He has priorly been involved in reviewing blockchain companies and also has been a part of international blockchain projects. His research interests include NLP, deep learning and blockchain scalability.

Antonio has bachelor degrees in Physics and Computer Engineering from Ateneo de Manila University, as well as a diploma in R&D Management from University of the Philippines Open University. He has over 10 years experience as a software engineer, deploying industry-grade solutions for multiple sectors. His programming interests include efficient C++ coding as well as build and test automation.

Haichuan is a winner of Singapore Enterprise Scholarship and an AWS Certified Solution Architect, and currently finishing his master degree in Computer Control & Automation from Nanyang Technological University. In his last position, he was involved in an autonomous vehicle project, and in charged of the development of Mobility on Demand system from A to Z using C++, also led the grounding of DevOps.

Have over 12 years of experience in software development across multiple domains like ATM domain, Retail banking and Investment banking. Has been involved in development of various distributed systems using C++ with the focus on the reliability, scalability and throughput.

Dr. Ilya Sergey does research in the area of programming languages, program analysis, and formal verification. Prior to joining academia, Ilya has spent a part of his career in industry, working in JetBrains Inc., a world-leading company in creating integrated development environments for software developers. His joint research efforts with the members of Zilliqa team have already resulted in the inception of Scilla, a programming language for mechanically verified smart contracts.

Jasmine has previously worked in various industries such as banking, IT, logistics and trading. Accounting reconciliation, audit and tax computation, business case writing and analysis are just one of the many skills she has as a Finance and Operations Executive. Being a self starter, Jasmine has run several successful initiatives over the years, and is constantly seeking to bring the same success by spearheading new initiatives at Zilliqa.

Han Wen is an idealistic libertarian seeking to help build a community of active developers on Zilliqa. He was an active member in the mining community during the early days. He previously worked in the Aerospace industry designing military drones and passenger-to-freighter solutions. His other interests include 3D printing, geopolitics and progaming.

Saiba Kataruka has earlier worked with IBM as a consultant for five years, in the payment technology field, in Asia and Europe. He then left the company to pursue an MBA degree from the University of Oxford. He loves reading, writing, public speaking and traveling. He is most interested in the decentralization aspect of the Blockchain technology and in the ways that it can improve the current social and financial structures.

Sophia has extensive experience in business & technology consulting and has led design and multinational rollout of large scale and complex technology initiatives across a broad array of sectors. With strong understanding of business operations and deep knowledge in technology, Sophia has displayed consistent abilities of identifying unique business opportunities, facilitating strategy planning and delivering successful implementation of solutions.

Addison Huegel is a new technology communications and marketing specialist with extensive experience building communities around blockchain, B2B, and B2C applications. In 2015, he served as a communications consultant to the Ethereum Foundation and DEVCON1. Before entering into marketing and PR, Addison worked in the field of Condensed Matter Physics and has published a number of scientific, peer-reviewed papers.

Max is a financial services entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience of building professional services and technology firms in Europe, the US and Asia. He is a Co-Founder of Anquan Capital in Singapore and is on the board of Aeriandi (Oxford) and untapt (New York), both fast growth deep technology company in the areas of voice technology and aritifcal intelligence. Max is an engineering graduate and started his career at GEC Marconi designing airborne radar systems.

Juzar Motiwalla has investment and board-level experience with global technology startups. He was a venture capitalist responsible for investments in Asia and Silicon Valley. M&A exits with leading US and Japanese companies were secured for companies he was involved with. Prior to his venture capital journey he was the CEO of a 350-person computer science research lab in Singapore.

Prateek Saxena is a research professor in computer science at National University of Singapore, and has a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. He works on blockchains and computer security. His research has influenced the design of browser platforms, web standards and app stores widely used today. He has received several premier awards such as the Top 10 Innovators under 35 (MIT TR35 Asia) in 2017.

Yiling leads marketing for Zilliqa. She has extensive experience in technology marketing. Her prior roles include heading up APAC marketing for Google Pay, where she helped launch the Google Pay brand across the region and launched its first large-scale brand campaign in Japan. Yiling speaks fluent English, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Amrit is the President and Chief Scientific Officer of Zilliqa Research. He holds a PhD from Université Grenoble-Alpes, France and was hosted at Inria's Grenoble center. Prior to his PhD, he obtained an Engineer's diploma from Ecole Polytechnique, France, where he studied Computer Science and Mathematics. His research interests broadly span security, privacy and applied cryptography.

Yaoqi is the Chief Technology Officer of Zilliqa Research. His prior experience focuses on building secure and privacy-preserving web and distributed systems with cryptographic mechanisms. His research work has been published in top international conferences, such as CCS, USENIX Security, PETS, RAID, ESORICS. He has received the Best Paper Award in W2SP (2014) and ICECCS (2014). His work was acknowledged by Google and Apple (CVE-2014-7948 for Chrome and CVE-2015-5907 for Safari).

Xinshu is a scientist and practitioner in building secure systems, ranging from blockchains to web browsers and applications. He was a technical lead for several national cybersecurity projects. More recently, he led the research and development of Anquan’s proprietary scalable and secure blockchain, deployed for financial and ecommerce applications. He is currently leading the Zilliqa team for developing a new public blockchain Zilliqa for high-throughput applications.


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